Having trouble cleaning a problem spot out of your POLYWOOD or other outdoor furniture? Most of the time a common house cleaner will do, but for tough stains, the POLYWOOD can be hard to get back to looking new. POLYWOOD and other High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) outdoor furniture is a great option for durability, but the nature of the material can make it hard to clean. Air bubble blown into the HDPE during the manufacturing process of the material are exposed when the material is cut, leaving tiny crevasses in the materials surface that can harbor dirt and mold. Bleach is a great option for cleaning HDPE, but a typical application will not allow for the bleach to sit on the spot long enough to have the best effect. New bleach products like Precision Pour Bleach Gel and Splash-less Bleach, both offered by Clorox, work best when cleaning your POLYWOOD because they allow the bleach to sit on the problem spot and work on it for longer. For best results when cleaning POLYWOOD or HDPE furniture, especially the white, use the following instructions:

Move your outdoor furniture to an open, aerated spaces where bleach splash and bleach water will not stain or damage the surroundings. For best results, put in an area where sunlight is able to hit the product being cleaned.

Wet all products with fresh water to loosen up dirt.

Liberally apply Precision Pour Bleach Gel or Splash-less Bleach by Clorox to any problem areas on the POLYWOOD or HDPE furniture, such as the arms or footrest, and allow the bleach to sit for an hour or more.

Wet product again if necessary, scrub with a household scrub brush (one you would use on your car wheels, for example) and rinse clean. Repeating process if necessary.

Allow to dry, cleaning any rust ‘bleeding’ or dribble with products like C.L.R., Naval Jelly or Rust-Off. Once the hardware is clean and dry, apply a clear coat of paint or protector to prolong lifespan.

Return to use, looking like new!