You’re ready to furnish or refurnish your home. You have an interior design style in mind but not sure about the budget or what your partner thinks.

The first thing you and your partner need to do when it comes to interior design is to agree on the budget. If you’re one of those people that like to change the design seasonally, it’s highly recommended to put some money aside so you can satisfy your interior design craving quarterly.

Most of the time, the first disagreement between the couples start with the budget and it escalates into a fight over design details. The whole point for refurnishing or redesigning your home is so that both of you will be comfortable.

Keep this quote in mind by Barclay Butera, the Lexington interior designer.

“When it comes to great style, there is no rule book to follow. There is no defined set of boundaries or template to copy.
Quite the opposite – great style is about making a statement. It is inherently personal and forever evolving.”

However, you can make a template where to start that will help you see the differences between each other’s style and resolve any conflict in a respectful-peaceful manner.

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If you start with a compromise attitude, you’ll get this done without yelling at each other or worse go separate ways.

When you’re done filling up your template, sit down and have a nice chat. If you think you’ll lose your cool, meet at a restaurant. It will keep you from yelling at each other. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Neither one of you is 100% right.
Each of you deserves to have a say in what you want.
Each of you wants to be comfortable in your own space.
Each of you needs to ask your self, does that particular item gets the job done to fit my needs and my comfort.
Does it add style or does it add clutter?
Each of you can pick a space to design.
Go over the pros and cons of each item.
After each item, take five to eight deep breaths and think about how grateful you are to have this conversation with your partner.

If you can’t reach an agreement, leave it to a professional. Hire an interior designer to get the job done. This will save future blames and hard feelings.

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