Shopping for Furniture Online vs in StoresOnline shopping has killed the traditional furniture store, right? Well, not really. Take a walk around your local community and you will probably spot many physical furniture stores continuing to do business, and continuing to do it well.

We explored the differences between shopping for furniture online and shopping in the more traditional way.


When the online shopping revolution hit several years ago, ‘convenience’ was its clarion call. Shop when you want, how you want, without even leaving your house; this was one of the advantages that online furniture shopping had over its more traditional furniture store competitors.

But is this really the case? After all, without getting up close to the furniture, examining it and handling it, how do you know it is right for your property and your interior?

Repeat returns and the hassle associated with choosing the wrong product negate the convenience of online shopping. Traditional store shopping wins out in this case.


Another well-trumpeted advantage to online shopping is the relatively low cost compared to the high street. However, in some cases, the high street still comes out cheaper.

Always remember to thoroughly check prices from a variety of different sources before making a purchase. Do not just assume that online offers the lowest cost option.


In theory, shopping online offers an almost limitless array of choices, particularly when compared to high brick and mortar shops which are limited by physical store space. In this sense, online is a clear winner; the customer has a chance to browse all manner of products they might not find at their local store.

But this doesn’t tell the whole story. There is more to choice than simply having a greater number of items to choose from. Having an expert adviser on hand – like you would in a physical furniture store – can help you navigate this often tricky process and will see you making the right decision more easily than if you were going it alone at your computer.

Added Extras

This is where shopping in a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ store wins hands down. Furniture retailers such as Daniels’ Homeport Coastal Furnishings can provide so much more than just free delivery and a great product range.

Daniels’ Homeport Coastal Furnishings offers interior design consultation, assembly of your furniture and set up based on your floor plan and interior designer’s suggestions.

For more information on how Daniels’ Homeport Coastal Furniture can help you with your furniture shopping and interior design, Contact Us