quality home furnitureIf you own a rental property, you’ll want to make sure that your vacation home is furnished in a welcoming way that encompasses the feel of your location. But when you visit a furniture store in hopes of finding the perfect pieces for your property, you need to remember that furnishing a rental is not quite like furnishing a home. Whatever kind of outdoor or indoor furniture you choose, it needs to be durable, functional, and affordable — and, of course, appealing to the eye. It’s also up to you to take stock of any items that show noticeable wear and tear and replace them so that you send the right message to renters. When you’re getting your rental property ready for your next guests, be sure to follow these three tips when choosing your high-quality home furniture and decor:

  • Don’t be afraid to be colorfulWhile homeowners often opt for neutrals in their own decor selections, their expectations for a vacation home are very different. Typically, they’ll stay for only a week or two and want a fun, vibrant look that instantly brings the outdoors inside. Consider colorful paint or add accents with eye-catching upscale furniture. Stay in the general theme of your location so your guests will instantly be prepared for the wonderful time they’re bound to have.
  • Pick no-muss, no-fuss piecesYour guests don’t want to feel like they’re walking around on eggshells while on vacation. If your furnishings include a lot of delicate antiques or furniture, guests may not be able to do what vacations are all about: relaxing! Your furniture needs to be appealing but more importantly, it needs to stand the test of time. Make sure you choose tables that are easy to clean and furniture that won’t easily become damaged. This will ensure you make a worthwhile investment and your guests won’t feel uneasy about normal use.
  • Replace and clean whenever necessaryEven when you buy quality home furniture, accidents still occur — and no furniture piece lasts forever. If you find that furniture, rugs, or other pieces are dirty or stained, they need to be professionally cleaned right away. This should also be done at least once a year after the rental season has ended. If you’ve had your indoor sofa for years and you find it’s showing its age, it may be time to consider a replacement. On average, a sofa will last anywhere from seven to 15 years, so if you’re within that time frame, it might be time for an upgrade. While you shouldn’t have to replace furniture often, don’t neglect to do so if your decor looks outdated or has seen better days. A drab vacation home will be a turn-off to tenants.

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