Living Rooms come in every size and shape imaginable. Small, medium and large spaces each lend themselves to varying furniture designs. Let’s explore the various furniture lines that we carry at Daniels’ Homeport to find just the right fit for your living room space according to its size.

Furniture for Small Size Living Rooms

Downsizing, tiny houses and minimalism have been a growing trend in the past couple of years. Having to furnish a new small living room or wanting to redecorate your existing small living room does not have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be an inviting opportunity because we have solutions that offer small spaces a streamlined, updated look. We suggest the following furnishings:

  • Armless Side Chairs, such as Capris Furniture’s side chair #501 which is perfect for a small size living room. Without arms, it provides an open, welcoming seat for relaxation.
  • Side/End Tables that have open bases give a small size living room a lighter feel. Nesting Tables are a transformable solution since they can easily be moved to another place within the living room and then stored away again when not needed. For example, Magnolia Home Furniture has a beautiful set of nesting tables that we can order for your small living room. Vertical Storage Units are a design solution that we offer for your small living room. Simply put, you can maximize your floor space by utilizing your wall space! Multiple shelves provide lots of storage area or display space. And if you don’t want everything on display, a nice basket can be added to one of the shelves. For example, Capris Furniture’s Entertainment Tower provides form and function in your small living room.
  • Petite Recliners, whose size is 36 inches wide, give or take a couple of inches fit nicely into the furniture design of a small living room. Have a baby? Or grandbaby? And feel like you need a rocking chair? No problem. There are recliners that can rock or glide back and forth. Check out Capris Furniture’s Recliner/Glider #RG153, at just 33 inches wide, it would be an ideal addition to your small living room.

Furniture for Medium Size Living Rooms

A medium size living room will give you more options for furnishings. First, an appropriate size area rug will ground the room and create a conversation area for family members and guests. Second, we can plan the furniture choices around the placement of the television, if that is the primary use for the living room; or the fireplace or ocean view if one of those is the focal point of the living room. We suggest the following furnishings:

  • Sleeper sofas are another transformable piece that fits nicely into a medium size living room. By day it is the perfect spot for sitting or lounging. At night, it can be unfolded, and the bed made so the living room can become a bedroom for guests. For example, our Palm Springs Rattan line of furniture has many print and solid fabric options for sleeper sofas to fit every taste and color palette of your medium size living room. 
  • Sofa with Chaise Lounge is a popular option for those that want the look of a sectional but don’t want to sacrifice the space needed for a sectional. They also provide additional seating when entertaining. Our Younger Furniture line features the Gia Collection, with right or left arm options for your sofa with chaise lounge.
  • Coffee and End Tables with shelves or drawers can be used in medium-sized living rooms. They can perform double duty as a place for your glass of iced tea and the TV remote as well as a display for family pictures or additional storage. There are so many choices of side tables and coffee tables in wood, metal, rattan and glass combinations. This link is to our Palliser end table – but it was hard to select just one as an example. 

Furniture for Large Size Living Rooms

A large size living room offers the greatest number of choices for homeowners. One large seating arrangement around the television as a focal point is the simplest design for a large size living room. Another option that our design team can help you with is creating multiple seating or grouping areas for different purposes. For example, a large size living can accommodate a desk area or dedicated reading area. We suggest the following furnishings:

  • Sectional Sofas feature deeper seating area which translates into additional space for relaxation. Sectionals can be ordered with left or right corners to complement the flow of your living room; can have recliners built in, or have chaise lounges on either end. Capris Furniture Sectional offers numerous configurations for a sofa customized to your living room, view it here.
  •  Recliners can be more generous in size with a side pocket for storing the remote and other items to have at your fingertips; and large tufted arms for ultimate comfort. We have an extensive selection of recliners on display at our store. Come in and “test sit” to find the one that is most comfortable for you.
  •  Side/End/Coffee and Sofa Tables can have more surface area and will often include drawers. Small side tables are the perfect place for houseplants or to display family photos. They can easily be relocated during family gatherings when additional chairs are needed. Hammary’s round accent table should be considered when decorating a large size living room for its versatility. 
  • Desks can be incorporated into the design of a large size living room. It’s the perfect place for the family’s home computer; or for guests to work remotely from a laptop. Riverside Furniture has a Leaning Desk that features a bookshelf like display area on each side. 

Furniture to Fit Your Lifestyle and Space

The purpose of a living room is a place to enjoy living! We have recapped our suggestions below according to living room size:
Small – armless side chairs, open based end tables or nesting side tables, vertical storage pieces, and petite recliners;
Medium – sleeper sofa, a sofa with chaise, and coffee/end tables with shelves or drawers;
Large – sectional sofa, full-size recliners, adding accent tables and a desk area.
Regardless of your living room size, we have the design experience to create an inviting space you will look forward to relaxing in yourself and proud to invite friends over to visit. Put our style and experience to work for you.