There are few better ways to complete a luxury interior look than with a piece of leather furniture. Leather sofas and chairs provide a finish which is both timeless and sophisticated, and complement a variety of interior styles seamlessly.

But what about cleaning and maintenance? Such tasks must be handled with great care if the aesthetic impact of the furniture is to be preserved. What’s more, a prestigious piece of leather furniture is not cheap to repair or replace. 

Don’t worry. Take a look at our guide to cleaning leather furniture, and get it right every time.

1. Gently vacuum debris from the surface

Leather has an advantage over other fabrics in that it is difficult to stain in the event of a spill. However, this robustness should not be taken for granted. Dirt, dust and other particles can scratch and mark the surface during wiping and cleaning so use a vacuum with a soft-bristled attachment to remove this excess.

2. Wipe down with a leather cleaning solution

With the surface prepared, the first stage of cleaning can begin. Add a few drops of a leather cleaning formula to a bucket of water, and stir. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and gently and evenly apply to the surface. Remember that different leather cleaning formulas will have different strengths, and that great care should be taken to follow the instructions on the bottle.

3. Gently dry the surface

Use a clean towel to dry the surface of the leather. It is inadvisable to use a blow dryer for this step, as this can stress and dehydrate the leather through overheating.

4. Apply conditioner

Once the leather is dried, mix a few drops of leather conditioner in a bucket of water, taking care to follow the instructions specific to your chosen conditioner. Then, apply the solution using a soft cloth, ensuring that the surface is covered evenly.

5. Finish by giving the surface a shine with a clean cloth

The conditioner should be left to sink into the surface overnight. The following morning, a clean and dry cloth can be used to buff the surface back up to a shine. Move the cloth over the surface gently and carefully, creating a shimmering, fresh-looking finish.

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